Black history month is here

Black history month is here

So, it is October and Black history month is here.

Like many other Black people around the world, the first thing I would say about Black history is month is "It is sad it has to exist"

I look forward to a day when people will be confused by this time when history was not diverse and inclusive. But, hey, we're not there yet.

What I do recognise is is there is a prompting in this time for many people to think about history as they have not done before. I hope that people will pick up a book that gives a different perspective and that it will be the trigger for a lifelong pursuit of learning and anti racist living. I hope that this month will bring more allies whose voices will drown out the voices of hatred and oppression. Surely that is not too big a dream, I mean we've got 31 whole days to do it in! Anything is possible, right?

This month is a good time to think about what you think black history means. You know that black people existed before the slave trade, but what do you know about that period? When you consider contributions to western society, science, art, medicine, what do you think black people contributed? How about the war heroes, where were black people then?

There are so many gaps in my learning and so I am going to assume that there are so many in yours. So, I encourage you this month, take the leap. Read something new, something out of your comfort zone, because that is how we change the world.

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