The humiliations of Alex Wheatle- Review by Carolynn

The humiliations of Alex Wheatle- Review by Carolynn

Welton Blake has done it - he's asked out Carmella McKenzie, the best-looking girl in school and she's only gone and said yes! But just as he thinks his luck, and life, is starting to change, Welton's phone breaks kickstarting a series of unfortunate, humiliating, and sometimes disgusting events. With bullies to avoid, girls ready to knock him out and all the drama with his mum and dad, life for Welton is about to go very, very wrong ...

No-one warned me how much I would laugh throughout this book. I read it in one sitting
Welton Blake is a completely lovable character who seems to invite catastrophe wherever he goes. This book does not try to be anything else and tells the story in a language that is aimed at young people who understand the everyday dilemmas of school parents and mobile phones
This book is laugh out loud funny with perfect comic timing - masterfully written by Alex Wheatle, it manages to combine hilarious slapstick with a moving story about the trials of navigating teen life storyline was complex enough to keep a reader constantly on their toes.

I had the pleasure of talking to Alex Wheatle earlier this month (find it on AfroriReads YouTube page)  about his book and I have personally petitioned him for another book about Welton. It really is that good.

I look forward to hearing more about Welton

To conclude I would highly recommend this book as it has a fantastically entertaining storyline yet still manages to maintain comical parts so that eventually it has the happy ending that we associate with a satisfactory conclusion. Perfect for reluctant teens who think that books are not about them.


As a side note; Barrington Stoke’s dyslexic friendly font makes this book suitable for young teens who may not have previously been attracted to reading a whole book for pleasure.

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