Unpopular Culture by Guvna B

Unpopular Culture by Guvna B

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What does it mean to live differently - to stand up for injustice, to live a life greater than just yourself, to dare to be unpopular? In a culture which is quick to define us and places a heavy emphasis on conformity, Guvna B encourages young people not to be afraid to stand up and be different, exploring the ways in which God calls us to live purpose-driven and transformative lives. Although this God-given purpose may seem unpopular to the majority of the world, Guvna B explains that it is only when we truly embrace this purpose that we can start making a difference in the world. Filled with stories and anecdotes from his twenty-odd years of life, Guvna B takes the reader through his own journey of self-discovery, shrugging off what the world says he is, and realising who God says he is.

Covering a wide range of topics from identity to success, purpose to role models, this book is clear, engaging and very funny, and is the perfect next step on from his music, providing a more in-depth look at youth issues and revealing even more of the man behind the music.