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Supper Club with special guest author Abi Osho Monday 13th November

Supper Club with special guest author Abi Osho Monday 13th November

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Abi Osho is an author, coach, speaker, and retreat creator. Abi came from turbulent, humble beginnings, and she made a decision to change her life in order to heal herself and help other people to heal from their own childhood trauma. Abi believes that when we are empowered to change our own story from one of self-doubt to unwavering self-belief, this has a ripple effect that will further help us connect back to our own inner place of personal power.

Abi wrote this book, to share her story of being raised in private foster care, whilst there are many stories about the Windrush generation, there are far fewer stories about the private fostering era of West African children, growing up with working class white families, during times of acute racism throughout the 60s.70s and 80s. Abi shares the overwhelming challenges, experienced with honesty, courage and resilience, and what she did to recreate her story, inspire others and live life on purpose.

As a holistic leadership coach Abi supports women of colour, reconnect with who they are becoming and stand in their truth from a place of personal power. Abi also creates nature based retreats for women of colour in the UK and in Africa, she is a keen advocate of holistic health, and she travels solo throughout Africa, meeting with indigenous communities, whilst sourcing the purest holistic African oils.

Our Supper club (Monday 13th November) is the ultimate indulgence. An opportunity to eat, laugh, chat, make new friends and share a meal with a bestselling author.

 Starting at 7pm, you will can expect a warm welcome and wonderful hospitality throughout the evening.

An authentic 2 course Caribbean meal freshly cooked in our founders home, in Brighton. A perfect night out and an opportunity to chat and laugh with friends new and old.

 This event is limited to just eight people and has proven to be very popular selling out months in advance

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