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July Mens Book Club

July Mens Book Club

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Our Book for our July 28th Men's Book Club is Drumsticks by Charlotte Carter

Nanette finds a voodoo doll is bringing her some much needed luck. . . until the doll's maker is murdered and she is dragged into the investigation. Nanette is on the rocks. Heartbroken and alone in New York, she finds what comfort she can in the bottom of a bottle.
But her life seems to turn around when she's given a voodoo doll, so much so that Nanette seeks out the doll's creator, Ida, to thank her. That's when Nanette's luck seems to run out, and Ida ends up with a bullet in her head. Guilt-ridden, Nanette resolves to get justice for her new friend, only to find that Ida was hiding some dark skeletons in her closet.

 Book clubs are a great place to meet new people and make friends. A safe place to challenge your thinking, to consider issues like colonialism, racism and to talk about being the change.

The Men’s Book club is a space for all of those things. It meets once a month and cost £5. Once you have booked you will be able to download the themes we will be discussing for the book. The Book club is for everybody, it is not a highbrow academic event and most of the conversation is decided by those present.

You get a drink, the pizza is on us. It is a chance to kick back, laugh and just be.

This book club is held at the The Actors upstairs meeting room, 4 Prince's St, Kemptown, Brighton BN2 1RD


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