The Good Ally by Nova Reid

The Good Ally by Nova Reid

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'I invite you to be courageous and get comfortable with being uncomfortable, because any discomfort you feel is temporary and pales in comparison to what black and brown people often have to experience on a daily basis. Are you ready? Let's get started, we have work to do.'

With social injustices rising in frequency, and an increase in far-right movements around the world, the rise in hate against "the other" is palpable. There is an urgent need to change so that we no longer repeat patterns of behaviour that have led us to where we are.

The Good Ally is the answer to 'what next?' It's a book for those wanting to become better allies, for those who are hungry to expand their knowledge and understanding of systematic racism, for those who not only want to be able to better recognise both subtle and overt forms of racism in action, but who want to know what to do about it. Full of punch, humour and hope, and packed with examples and anecdotes - some toe-curling, some blood-boiling - The Good Ally will help us unpick the myriad issues getting in the way of better inclusion, and will shows us how - with a bit of self-interrogation and a lot of courage - we can weaponise our privilege and be part of a powerful change.